Youth With a Voice is a student operated news platform. Articles are submissions from youth around the community.


The focus of Youth With a voice is to encourage youth to be involved with politics and the issues happening today. Frequently, youth do not think their voice will make an impact, but it is crucial that you know your voice matters! Youth involvement in politics will ensure a chance for a better future. The youth are the leaders of tomorrow, so get involved with issues that affect tomorrow. Youth With a Voice is an opportunity to share an opinion on a current issue and make your voice heard.


The importance of honest press is a priority of Youth With a Voice. With so much falsehood surrounding the current political atmosphere, we know that honesty is crucial. Most articles on this website are editorials and opinion pieces but all evidence backing up the article are checked and credible. If you think there has been a mistake, please contact youthwithavoice.0@gmail.com


Feedback from the community is encouraged. If you are interested in submitting an opinion worth sharing, check out our resources page and email  youthwithavoice.0@gmail.com

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